Our team will participate in H2020

With the upcoming Horizon 2020 initiative, we will have the chance to participate in a research group called MICROPOD. Within the confines of this project, our goal will be to investigate the reasons for the productivity slowdown observable in developed countries in the recent period. The team – with the collaboration of some highly esteemed researcher centers from all over Europe (e.g. Bocconi University, Halle Institute, Paris School of Economics, University College London) – will set out to evaluate if productivity is measured correctly and if its underlying mechanisms are sufficiently well understood. We will also study the effect of globalization and technological change on new production methods, and whether the current policy environment is conducive to the new productivity environment. Our team’s main responsibility will be to utilise the outstanding quality of Hungarian linked micro-data for a more refined understanding of productivity growth. The research will begin in January 2019.